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Hobbies and junk

i corrupt files for fun and edit them to look cool. heres a gallery of the ones i like

i make obs overlays/vizualisers sometimes

two different false overlays

Diabarha - Manic Killer
2023-06-14 20-51-47

for yet another character, thrones
more-so just a test of image masking in obs

sorry for the poor quality and major delay, i dont really feel like re-recording

DJ TECHNORCH 九十九音夢 - 天下一品 〜10-1〜
2023-05-14 22-55-19

2023-05-15 18-16-27

r/lapfoxtrax discord so kindly supplied me with the transparent full drawing on the cover of
The Recovery of the Absolute Artifact and i knew what i had to do

Sewerslvt - Ecifircas
2023-12-11 21-12-47

brb screen for my never-to-be twitch stream
i told reiss "if i ever shut up about halley labs, thats the end of me"; but thats a complete lie.
now if i ever shut up about hyi, thats when you should be concerned

hyi/mbtb - away

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